A downloadable Prototype Game for Windows

Dungeon Delver is a prototype adventure game created for the Search for a Star 2020 competition in the programming category. It is a tile-based game with a focus on exploration of the randomly generated world.

In its current state, the primary aim of the game is to explore the world to discover dungeons and defeat the  enemies within through turn-based combat. 

The game is solely controlled using the mouse so no additional hardware (or even a keyboard) is necessary. 

The player moves through the world using the mouse by clicking on the tile they wish to move to. Combat takes place using UI buttons and is turn-based.

The player can access their inventory when out in the world using the UI button in the top right of the HUD and can use this menu  to equip weapons and armour they possess for a boost to their damage/armour rating when in combat, as well as consume potions outwith  combat. Additionally this menu allows the player to quit the game, as well as view an early version of a quest log.

A tester chest can also be found near the player spawn which previews the trade mechanic for transferring items between inventories.


DungeonDelver.zip 21 MB

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