The nefarious Colonel Carbon is polluting again and our planet is on the brink of destruction. Play as Captain Climate and chase after the Colonel, capturing any of his stray carbon, stopping his polluting ways by defeating his minions and foiling his evil plans.


A D - Move left and right

Space - Jump

Left Click - Fire

The game currently features one level, with plans for an additional two.  Each level represents a different stage of the carbon capture process, the first level covers the CO2 absorber tower section of the process where the CO2 is absorbed into a liquid solvent and separated from the Flue gas that would normally pollute our atmosphere.

Next Steps

The remaining two levels would be implemented to represent the other two sections of the carbon capture process.

Levels would likely be longer with additional platforming elements and enemies/enemy types, each with their own boss battles.

Additionally, the art would be overhauled to include less repetition in the assets and for a smoother and more cohesive art style.

More impact effects! Bonk!


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 I love the art style and tone! The game itself is really fun too!

aw thank you so much for playing!♥️